July 2012

Crabs and Penguins Featured on TouchArcade

By |July 23rd, 2012|

We had to the opportunity to sit down with the guys from TouchArcade at E3 this year and show them Crabs and Penguins. TouchArcade is a great site the reviews iOS games with a huge online following. We would highly recommend following them to keep up to date on the best games available on the App Store.

TouchArcade really enjoyed CAP at E3 and we recently spent a few days talking with Brad Nicholson about our development process. Brad was particularly interested in how we produced an “advergame” that did a great job of showcasing the Coca-Cola Brand while still being an engaging experience. We also talked about Ember Lab’s plans to continue developing transmedia content now that we’ve completed our first game project. Thanks Brad for the fun conversation and sharing Crabs and Penguins with the TouchArcade [...]

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Crabs and Penguins Reaches 1 Million Views

By |July 5th, 2012|

Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July! Over the holiday, the game trailer video for Crabs and Penguins reached over 1 Million views on Coca-Cola’s YouTube Chanel. As of July 5th, 2012 the video has 1,025,000 views and is one of the most popular videos on Coke’s channel. The animated film is also trending pretty well with nearly 200K views. This is pretty impressive as both of these videos have only been online for 1 week. Its great to see such a positive response to our project and it will be interesting to see what other adventures are in store for the Hero Crab.

Crabs and Penguins Game Trailer

Crabs and Penguins Animated Film

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