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Patch Notes – 1.08

Added support for offline mode on PC. Please note Achievements will not unlock while offline but will be awarded after login. Added option to reduce motion blur intensity. Fixed issue where Kena had a chance to slow down or stop while running. Fixed inaccurate Rot...

Patch Notes – 1.06

Patch Notes - 1.06 Added ability to remap movement keys (PC only).Implemented fix for lost Karma. Save files missing Karma will be corrected after downloading the patch. Fixed progression blocker in Storehouse. This update also fixes previous saves.Fixed...

Patch Notes – 1.05

Enabled photo mode when sitting with the Rot. Increased maximum camera sensitivity.Fixed bug that locked player into the Spirit Mask mode.Fixed progression blocker after combat in Taro’s Tree region.Fixed progression blocker after receiving the Bow Ability.Fixed...